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Our story begins with our Nonna Tina, who migrated to Australia with our Mother and her family in 1971 from Naples, Italy. Familiar food and ingredients such as pasta, sauce, salami and Italian biscuits and cakes was not easily accessible which resulted in the family spending endless hours in the kitchen preparing food in order to feel at home. Our Nonna had a passion for bringing people together with food. Sundays were feast days- all of the friends that our family met along the way when they moved to Sydney would be welcomed into to the family home where they would sit around a long table for hours- eating, drinking and laughing- until lunch time turned into dinner and Nonna would make an abundance of Pasta Aglio e Olio. 


Our Mother Rosa grew up witnessing the love that food brought to everyone and this sparked a passion and dream for her to one day open a restaurant, and be able to continue to bring people together through good, hearty, traditional home-style meals and warm hospitality. Everyone always knew that in our Nonna and Mothers presence, there would be delicious food. There is no such as thing as “just popping in” to our home or being “too full”. Everyone knew that they were about to eat  something that Mamma or Nonna had spent the morning cooking. 


As we grew up watching our Mother cook every chance she had, we spontaneously decided to quit our jobs in 2019 and start our new venture. We hired out a small kitchen at the local markets where we named our stall “Tina’s Pasta”. As Sunday’s came, we were so excited to spend long days together cooking food. We would sell around 12 dishes each Sunday of what we had prepared, but it was okay- because we knew it would be a delicious dinner for us to take home and invite our friends over to eat. 


We then purchased a small food truck. With countless hours of deciding on a name, Buon Appetit was brought to life- where we drop the ‘o’ on “Appetito”- the true Napoletana way, the way it was said before the first mouthful at every table with our Nonna. 


Our Mother had always worked in the hospitality industry, the rest of our family  worked off her guidance to begin our journey. With lots of research and exploration of creativity and ideas, we took a leap- facing both fear and excitement of the unknown. 

We had three  years of love, laughter and memories at our food truck that became a local foodie gem- that led us to a new chapter in a larger home- Our Restaurant. 


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